Welcome to my website! I am a math teacher/tutor located in Brooklyn in the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace area; I can come to your home, meet your student at the library, or you can come to me (discount available!).
I am a certified teacher at Midwood High School in Brooklyn, NY and am available for private tutoring. I have worked successfully with all levels of students - high school, middle school, gifted, struggling, and everything in between. I specialize in tutoring for SATs and SAT Math I and II Subject Exams, Regents Prep, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and SHSAT.   Check out my wiki for math resources and examples of the work I do with my students.
My philosophy is that everyone can be successful in math; a dedicated and patient teacher needs to find the appropriate access point for any student who needs help. I love math, and I love teaching, so this effort is something that I excel in and enjoy doing.
I can come to your home, meet your student at the library, or you can come to me (discount available!).  Contact me by email at hermathness@yahoo.com.

Here are some testimonials from parents and students I have helped:

"Someone from this site recommended a wonderful geometry tutor.... She is a HS teacher at Midwood and has been tutoring my son for the past couple of weeks. I specifically wanted a HS math tutor for my son who was struggling in geometry. She has been great."

"Thanks for coming over...The session was quite successful.. and definitely gave Benjamin -- and me too -- confidence. We will definitely call you again!"

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